A love letter…

The past three years have been an incredible adventure … giving birth to a crazy idea and nurturing the Pilates community in New Zealand and Australia, to become a better industry, if only slightly, warms my heart.

These 48 months has afforded me the opportunity to meet incredible and beautiful people who have supported from near and far. On the bad days of struggle, this Pilates family has been my rock.

It is therefore, with a heavy heart, that I announce the closure of The Healing Place forthwith.

The historical debt from past trainers is too high to keep going. The lack of ticket sales from the market over the past three years to break even has been a constant struggle and successive failure to cover costs has left me, personally, in substantial debt. With workshop participation at below 50% (break even point) for all the workshops and the sad cancellation of our final trainer, has accumulated in ending this dream at this time.

Now I must gently fall back in love with Pilates for all the great experiences it has given me – and those truly outweigh the bad – to just enjoy and support the community and those who strive each day to make it their passion and business.

I have absolute admiration for you and all the trainers/educators out there and I’m sad that I cannot continue to support you at this time.

Thank you so much for everything … everything you are to me and everything you do for everyone else.

But know, if I can ever do anything to help you, I’m only a phone call away.

I farewell you proud and with much love,
Lizz Santos

MARCH 2020

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