Feel good… mind, body and soul.

The Healing Place is an evolving and organic idea driven by Lizz Santos and her love of bringing people together to share great experiences. Lizz is passionate about pilates, paleo, raw food and a healthy lifestyle, often travelling the world to source and experience new methods of teaching that she can bring to The Healing Place to share with others.

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The Healing Place provides a neutral environment where teachers and students can connect on an honest, authentic level. Throughout my experience as a presenter, I was consistently afforded the opportunity to share my philosophy in a supported and celebrated way. The attendees were enthusiastic, present and together we created a memorable movement and learning experience. The service that Lizz provides to the Pilates community is unique, necessary and magical. These events celebrate our different backgrounds and philosophies so that we may support each other throughout the Pilates profession.

Jenna Zaffino, Pilates Educator

Thank you Lizz for bringing these wonderful people to NZ. Working face to face is so much more valuable than simply watching videos online. The Healing Place is a great initiative and could not have a better person driving it. I can highly recommend coming to any future events to anyone, regardless of your background or beliefs.

Simon Croft
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