About The Healing Place ... our Pilates ethos and vision

About The Healing Place

I am Lizz Santos and welcome to my crazy dream to bring Pilates education to the world, one workshop at a time.

I am not an Instructor.

I do not own a Pilates Studio.

I am an Entrepreneur and Pilates Promoter with a passion for this art of movement.

My journey with Pilates started around 10 years ago when a chiropractor could not really help with a back injury. I turned to an employee’s sister who had just trained as a Pilates instructor. Thus began a long and passionate affair with my body and my wellbeing. I used to hate regime and exercise. I now train between 6-8 hours a week on the reformer with four amazing trainers (who have become close friends) from different teaching backgrounds, each teaching me daily about my physical and mental capabilities.

The Healing Place launched with Anula Maiberg in November 2018. I was inspired by her teachings and words and felt a synergy with another beautiful strong body. Whilst looking at flights and tickets to attend one of her workshops in Melbourne, I suddenly ask the question – what if I could share this experience with New Zealand? Everyone complains no one comes here. What if I got her here for New Zealand’s Pilates community? And the first endeavour was created.

The Healing Place Vision

I am in a fortunate position to have a successful Event Design business that funds and backs the antics of The Healing Place. My five year mission, now in year two, is to promote two trainers a year to New Zealand at little to no profit for a total of five years. My mission is to forge a path for other Pilates professionals to look at this industry in other ways and understand that we all have different paths and roles to play to share Pilates, in its many forms and practices, with as many people as we can. From this learning I plan to be an educator myself and offer advice and information for like-minded folk who want to do the same, either full time or on a smaller scale. It’s a new and exciting field, which I feel privileged to develop further.

My unique and unwavering position is that I am completely independent from any studio or brand. I can hold these workshops in any place or country across the globe and I am open to every educator in the world, no matter their teaching methods. I am lucky to be able to travel to Pilates conferences around the world and meet these special people, each with their own unique stories and modes of movement.

I am already in discussion with trainers for exclusive tours in New Zealand in November 2019, March 2020 and November 2020. We will be looking at workshops in Auckland and Wellington and hopefully Christchurch in the next few years. Beyond five years I will be focusing on reaching out to the world and bringing communities together on a much larger scale.

Challenges moving forward are twofold. I want to build this brand so it becomes synonymous with a new trusted and quality industry arm and build a database that extends to every Pilates instructor in NZ and Australia initially, and then beyond so they can benefit from the amazing and incredible trainers I have met and talked with.

I ask you to help spread the word, as this is for everybody, everywhere!

Lizz Santos

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