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Pilates Grace for Ageing Bodies – March 2020

Movement, ageing and transcendence. Pilates workshops that focus on strengthening muscles, bones, joint function, posture, balance issues and feeling vibrant from the feet up.

The Healing Place is proud to introduce Amy Havens, an experienced Pilates educator and teacher from the USA, who is coming to New Zealand in March 2020 to share her Pilates expertise in the management and prevention of joint, muscle and bone issues, including flexibility, mobility and balance issues.

Pilates teachers and students of all ages and abilities will benefit from Amy’s workshops, especially those wanting to learn how Pilates can help with the management and prevention of conditions like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, kyphosis and balance issues.

Ageing doesn’t have to be boring, scary, off-putting or filled with “you can’t do that” stereotypes. My workshops will reinforce “you can do ALL of these things”. You can ‘transcend’ and push beyond your boundaries. Age is just a number anyway, right?! I intend to help break down some myths that ageing has to be a certain way and that movement teachers need to limit what they give ‘ageing people’. Reality is quite the opposite … there are so many things ageing bodies can do and should be doing!

Amy Havens’ Qualifications and Experience

Amy believes in ongoing continuous education within a supportive and professional Pilates community, and is constantly looking to better her own Pilates practice. Her extensive training, professional memberships and experience includes:

Amy is one of the original teachers on Pilates Anytime. In addition to teaching for the online studio, she is one of the brains behind content development, designing class programming and educational strategies for the global Pilates platform. She works with some of the most notable Pilates educators in the industry and has over 280 of her own classes online.

We’re really looking forward to hosting Amy Havens in March 2020 and invite you to join us! Watch this space, and our Facebook page … more information will be available soon.

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