Coming soon to Wellington and Auckland ... Lesley Logan, Pilates Educator

Coming Soon to NZ … Lesley Logan!

Pilates lovers everywhere, it’s time to get (even more) excited!

The Healing Place is proud to announce the November 2019 tour of Lesley Logan, an experienced Pilates educator, coming to us all the way from Los Angeles, USA.

Lesley believes Pilates is more than a workout, it’s more than feeling the burn. Pilates helps you do everything you love to do but better! It doesn’t matter what your age, your goals (or lack thereof), or your abilities … Lesley believes Pilates is for you.

In 2013 Lesley was voted ‘Best Pilates in Los Angeles’ by Los Angeles Magazine, featured in Pilates Style Magazine, can be seen on, and recently has completed The Work, a masters program taught by one of Joseph Pilates ‘Elders’, Jay Grimes.

Pilates opened Lesley’s eyes up to the power she held within and she aims to help you find yours. Her goal is to help each client connect their mind to their core, creating intentional body awareness so they can move from their center, and be taller and stronger than when they walked in. Learn more about Lesley Logan at

The Healing Place will be hosting a series of Pilates workshops in Wellington and Auckland between 7-9 November 2019. If you have a love for Pilates, you are invited to join us to reinvigorate your Pilates practice and techniques with the professional guidance and enthusiasm of Lesley Logan.

We will be taking bookings for Lesley’s workshops from 1 April 2019 … watch this space, and our Facebook page.

A Hint of Things to Come…

Lesley Logan, Pilates Educator

Prop Out and Prop Up!

Three-Hour Workshop

Prop Out and Prop Up!

This three-hour workshop will include a class and workshop on how to have fun with foam rollers, yoga bolsters, lightweights and more! Discover new ways to explore the original Mat exercises, challenge your balance, reveal your asymmetries and work on them. Props are not just fun to ‘change it up’, they challenge how we feel and connect to an exercise. And, for those who do not have access to other Pilates apparatus, a Prop can create the feeling and connection that you want your clients to discover.

Lesley Logan, Pilates Educator

Reform Your Mat

Two-Hour Workshop

Reform Your Mat

The ‘Reformer on the Mat’ will be a two-hour Pilates workshop bringing all the exercises you know and love from the Reformer into your Mat practice. Throughout each exercise, we will be mentally connecting the two pieces of equipment. How does the original Reformer order on the Mat challenge you? What revelations can you find? And, what about those headstands?

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